The Bonuses

The bonuses of the Ducatus marketing plan are truly sensational and are what elevate Ducatus above any other marketing plan you’ve ever seen!

When we say that Ducatus is the most profitable business that exists, we know what we say! And we are happy to show you!

In order to fully understand the Ducatus marketing plan, it is necessary to learn that the unit of measurement used by Ducatus is the BV (Business Volume). One Euro corresponds to 0.8 BV.

There are EIGHT fantastic, profitable Ducatus’s earning bonuses!

Yes, you read correctly! EIGHT possible ways in which your earnings can really reach unimaginable levels! Let’s see them together:


The Direct Bonus equates to 13% of your Business Volume (BV) and is paid every time a registered Business Partner buys coin packages. For coin packages of $ 5,000 or more, an additional 5% Direct Bonus on the whole BV is paid. This means a staggering direct bonus of 18% in total.

The Direct Bonus is paid INSTANTLY at the moment when your direct partner purchases a Ducatus coin package.


The Fast Start Bonus is only available during the 30 days following the registration of your account. A one-off bonus of $ 400 is paid to you if your downline generates total sales for at least 5,000 BV.

If, instead, the total BV that your downline generates in your first 30 days reaches 10,000 BV a one-off Fast Start Bonus of $ 1,300 will be paid to you instead.

Example: if during the period of qualification the BV generated is 10,000, a maximum of 7,000 BV (or 70% of the 10,000 BV required) may come from your strongest line, the remaining 3000 BV must come from other lines in your downline. The bonus will be credited to your account at the end of the 30 day period.


To qualify for the Team Bonus, you need to purchase a coin package of at least $ 50 yourself and registrer at least two direct partners in your downline which in turn purchase a coin package of at least $ 50 each. Your Business Volume (BV) will be accumulated over time indefinitely. Only purchases of coin packages in your downline count for the Team Bonus.

There are 13 levels of Team Bonus. It is paid according to the following table:

1.0002 %
3.0004 %
8.0006 %
21.0008 %
34.00010 %
89.00012 %
233.00014 %
377.00016 %
610.00017 %
987.00018 %
1.597.00019 %
4.181.00020 %
10.946.00021 %

The difference between the levels is what generates the Team Bonus. Regardless of the rank in which your direct partner is located, the entire BV of his downline will contribute to his commission levels. Each sponsor will always receive the difference between his level and that of his direct partner.


The Matching Bonus is calculated based on the Direct Bonuses and Team Bonuses of the partners of your downline. It is paid up to 13 levels deep.

To qualify for the Matching Bonus, you must purchase a Ducatus coin package of at least $ 250 yourself and register at least three new direct partners in your downline, which in turn will each purchase a Ducatus coin package of at least $ 250.

This is the table showing how it is calculated for each level of depth:

13 %
25 %
38 %
413 %
521 %
613 %
78 %
85 %
93 %
102 %
111 %
121 %
131 %


The Rank Bonus is awarded when one of the 13 ranks established by the Ducatus marketing plan is reached.

It is paid one-off for each rank achieved and credited to the accounts.

It starts with $ 50 to reach the Iron rank and reaches $ 1 million for the Emperor rank according to this table:

IRON$ 50
ZINC$ 200
COPPER$ 1.000
BRONZE$ 3.000
SILVER$ 8.000
GOLD$ 20.000
PLATINUM$ 50.000
TITANIUM$ 100.000
SENATOR$ 250.000
CENTURION$ 250.000
EMPEROR$ 1.000.000


For the Lifestyle Bonus qualification, at least the Bronze rank must be reached. The amount of the Lifestyle Bonus depends on the rank achieved. It starts from $ 300 a month for the Bronze rank and reaches $ 8,900 for the Emperor rank according to this table:

GOLD$ 800
SENATOR$ 3.400
EMPEROR$ 8.900

The monthly qualifying period extends from the first to the last day of the month.

Month after month it is necessary to satisfy the requisites required for one’s own rank, relating both to your personal BV and to the BV of your team.

All purchases of coins from your cash and trading accounts will be counted in your personal BV and all coin purchases from the cash and trading accounts of your downline will be counted in your team BV.

If the requirements for your rank are not met for a month, but you meet those for a lower rank instead, the Lifestyle Bonus received that month will be related to that lower rank. Example: if your current rank is Gold, but in that month the satisfied requirements are those related to the Bronze rank, for that month the Lifestyle Bonus you will receive will be only $ 300 instead of $ 800.

Depending on the country in which the Ducatus network operates, the Management can select to award a different type of Lifestyle Bonus. In some countries, for example, the Lifestyle Bonus is paid as travel packages, a car bonus or other goods.


1% of the international BV is collected in a “World Bonus Pool” and paid on 15 June and 15 December each year to qualified partners. The qualification starts from the Silver rank, for which you receive 1 quota, up to 5 quotas for the Titanium rank and 21 quotas for the Emperor rank according to this table:


The total amount available is divided by the total number of assigned quotas, the result being the value of a single quota.

The World Bonus amount is paid based on the number of quotas that each qualified partner accumulates during the six months. The qualifying periods range from December to May and from June to November.

The requirements for this bonus are: to actively work with your downline, to follow all the Ducatus Academy training necessary for the rank achieved and to participate in at least one international event per year.


The highest rankings in the Ducatus Business Plan are Senator, Centurion and Emperor. These partners are the most important pillars in building a global business. With their international presence and the tasks they perform they are interstructural. In addition to their daily activities, their tasks also include promotion and support for the development of new markets.

In addition to the commissions, they receive proportionally also an annual Ruler Bonus (1 quota per Senator, 2 quotas per Centurion and 3 quotas per Emperor) based on the month of qualification and starting from the qualifying year. Ducatus pays 8% of the company profits deriving from its network.

This amount will be distributed to the holders of the quotas. The Ruler Bonus payment is made 30 days after acceptance of the annual audit report by the Board of Directors.
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