The Coin

The Ducatus coin presents a particular design that has much meaning and sheds light on the company’s mission.


In total, the coin has 8 stars:

3 stars on the front represent the 3 jurisdictions that form the legal basis of the companies.

On the back of the coin there are the other 5 stars, one for each of the founders who created the idea and realized the vision. 3 + 5 = 8.

This number, according to the Fibonacci theory, is the universal number of the infinite.


The cross in the middle reflects the Swiss shield. The Baroque ornaments refer to the glory and success of the “Golden Age” in Europe.


The mountain (Matterhorn) and the lion (Merlion) on the back of the coin indicate Switzerland and Singapore, the two legal offices of the company.

The globe indicates the true mission of Ducatus: ensuring at least one coin for every inhabitant of the planet.


The two Latin phrases are translated “the old together with the new” and “yesterday, today and in the future”.

The future can not exist without the past. From the past, we can learn the principles of history that have value and inspiration for our future.

Ducatus is ready for the future: draw from the past it is projected into the future. By employing the latest technologies and being independent of third parties, DUCATUS creates a new path to financial freedom for all people and, through its RENAISSANCE, now aspires to its ancient glory.
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