The Marketing Plan

Ducatus really has the most lucrative marketing plan in the world with EIGHT FORMS OF INCOME! You’ve never seen anything like it, so powerful and fast!

Ducatus Coin is distributed to its users through the purchase of mining packages, that is, in effect, the purchase of Ducatus coins that can be converted into fiat Euro or dollars by exchanging them in a specific cryptocurrency exchange.

Ducatus works on the proven distribution system of network marketing, meaning that a satisfied user presents another that will enjoy the same advantages and benefits.

The marketing plan is based on three distinct pillars: the accounts, the bonuses and the ranks.

The unit of measure upon which the entire Ducatus marketing plan is centered is called BV (Business Volume). Each Euro is worth 0.8 BV.

We invite you to click on the “Bonuses“, “Accounts” and “Ranks” sections of the top menu to learn more about how you can really earn impressive figures with Ducatus!
Ducatus Partner

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